Altered Church



Altered Church is a new church in Painesville, Ohio. An east suburb of Cleveland, Painesville has a diverse population with a high percentage of minorities–particularly Hispanic families. When we started working with Altered Church, they had already experienced rapid growth and had excellent foundations laid for the core messaging of their brand. They are a church for everyone. A church that doesn't exclude anyone on the basis of their religious background, lifestyle, or habits. As they prepared to move into a new space, they needed the help of an agency who was familiar with their situation and knew how to put all the marketing pieces together to not only promote their new home, but also to facilitate the arrival of new guests. We designed a new website, new guest brochures, and a collection of new signs to make first time guests feel welcome and at ease.

In the first six weeks of their move, Altered Church has grown at a rate of 38% in weekly attendance over the previous year. This places them high on the list of fastest growing churches in the United States. Their growth came from their commitment to the people they serve and the vision they have for their church and the people in it. Blackline Branding was able to come alongside them and help them maximize their potential by taking care of their brand and marketing so that they could focus on the people.

You can see the website we built for Altered Church at