business consulting
that elevates
your brand.

You are an expert in your field.

You know you can change the world with your products and services, but you're facing barriers to the growth of your business. Something keeps getting in the way. You know that marketing is one part of the solution, but you know there's more than just that.



:having, involving, or displaying special skill or knowledge derived from training or experience

Clarity of vision is the key to achieving your objectives.

Tom Steyer

You need clarity.

You need someone who can clear away the confusion and give you a clear plan to achieve your goals. You need a guide to help you see your businesses through the eyes of your client and craft a view for them that shows them what you can do to solve their problems. You can't do this alone anymore.

Marketing isn't enough.

You've done marketing. You've cold called. You've tried advertising. You get referrals. But too often the efforts you make fall on deaf ears. You need someone who knows how to position your brand. You need someone who can oversee your entire marketing plan and implement and refine it over time.

  • sales calls

  • social media

  • advertising

  • referrals

  • website

  • SEO

  • 2012 First Freelance Website Project

  • 2015 Rebrand for employer in-house

  • 2016 Launched Digital Church Marketing

  • 2017 Launched Digital Church Platform

  • 2018 Launched Blackline Branding Agency

We were in the same place.

We know how you feel. When we started designing websites and solutions for our clients, we thought they just needed the right tactics. We thought they needed a website redesign, some marketing funnels, and a fresh look for their brand. We thought we were building strategies for them, but the strategies always got lost in the work. We found a way out of the cycle, and now we're helping other people elevate their brand.

Discovery → Strategy → Delivery

Bring us into the very beginning of your process. We'll facilitate a discovery process where we'll learn about your business and in the process, we'll both become clear on your mission. You'll remember the things you've forgotten about why you even started your business. Once we're on the same page, we'll build a strategy that's customized for you and your audience. We'll connect the dots between you, and draw a straight line from their problems to your solutions. Once we have a plan in place, we can deliver all the design assets you need to communicate the clear vision of your brand.

Our Goals for You

  • confusion

  • overhead

  • restrictions

  • time

  • profit

  • freedom

Need to start on your own?

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